March 21, 2019
Excelling in the Trucking Industry: Tips from Real Women on the Road

It’s no secret that the trucking industry is facing a shortage of about 63,000 drivers. As we noted in our previous blog, this is primarily because the older generation of drivers is retiring. Even with this shortage, there are an estimated 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States, although only about eight percent of them are women. In fact, more women in the transportation industry are in management positions.

The trucking industry offers a host of benefits for women, from competitive pay and job security to independence and the ability to see much of this beautiful country of ours. If you’re a woman considering this profession or are new to the field, see what some of our female drivers have to say about their chosen vocation.


Kelly, Team Driver (Member of the Dynamic team since 2007)


“I love my job and team drive with my husband, so I have a partner I know and trust. There’s a lot of freedom in this profession, and it’s rewarding in a lot of ways. You get to experience all kinds of cultures, places and people, so if you like to travel and meet new people, this is a good job for you. Plus, if you’re single and independent and want to make good money, it’s a great choice.

I admire women in trucking, but you have to fight for your position in the industry because it’s a male-dominated profession. Don’t take grief from anyone. On the other hand, if you ever need help out on the road, other drivers will bend over backward to help you.

Dynamic Transit is an awesome company. I think anyone starting out in the business would enjoy working for them.”


Mary, Solo Driver (Member of the Dynamic team since 2012)


“I’ve met some very nice people in this profession. You can make good money in this business, and the pay isn’t different for males and females doing the same job. Either way, though, you have to have respect for the job.

If another driver asks to help you, don’t turn them down. They can share tips with you for things as simple as changing a light bulb on your truck. They also can give you tips based on their experience that you might not learn otherwise.”


Selena, Solo Driver (Member of the Dynamic team since 2013)


“Find out what company best suits you and doesn’t try to take advantage of you. Do your research.” 


Becky, Solo Driver (Member of the Dynamic team since 2010)


“There are a lot of opportunities in this career to form friendships, which is good because it helps to make friends out on the road. It’s a male-dominated industry, so be careful and make sure you hold your own. It’s helpful to talk to other drivers who have been where you are and are going. They can give you additional information you may not have known you needed.

Dynamic is a great company to work for. Unlike mega-companies, they know you by name.”

If you’re a woman interested in delving into this unique career, be sure to take a look at what services we offer and what positions we have available.


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