Meet Our Leaders

Meet Fred and Michele Khani, our leaders, and former over-the-road truck drivers.


Our Talent Scouts build our team of qualified professionals at Dynamic Transit.

Business Development

Our Business Development Team builds new business partnerships, on-boards new customers and manages customer relationships.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Representatives manage everything from scheduling appointments, coordinating customer requests and tracking the status of shipments. They provide overall customer communication.


Each Dispatcher covers a specific region of inbound and outbound freight based on capacity. The following regions dispatchers cover are the West, Southwest, Midwest and the East.

Fleet Managers

Fleet Managers work closely with Dispatchers to tender load assignments to drivers, refer customer problems on loads to the Customer Service Representative and focus on helping drivers utilize their hours of service effectively and efficiently.


Our Safety Team works closely with drivers and office personnel to keep our workforce focused on workplace safety and in compliance with the industry’s safety standards. They also oversee and perform onboarding, ongoing driver training and risk management.


Our Maintenance Team is made up of Trailer Mechanics, Diesel Mechanics, Preventive Maintenance Mechanics, and Body Repairmen. Shop Managers also oversee purchasing and parts inventory.