February 28, 2019
Why Is There a Truck Driver Shortage?

Over the last few years, the trucking industry has seen a significant decrease in the number of truck drivers. At the same time, the demand for drivers is at an all-time high. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) estimate that the industry is currently understaffed by about 63,000 drivers. Today we’re looking at reasons for the truck driver shortage and how Dynamic Transit has continued to attract the best drivers.

Reason #1: Experienced Drivers are Retiring.

The single biggest reason for the current truck driver shortage is that the older generation of drivers is retiring. The federally mandated switch to electronic logging devices (ELDs) was a turning point for a lot of drivers. They took it as a sign of the changing times and left the industry for good.

Reason #2: New Drivers Aren’t Coming In.

OTR trucking is a job unlike any other. It takes a special person to be able to do it well, and unfortunately, those people are few and far between, especially in the younger generation. They just have different values than the ones most of us grew up with. They want weekends off, home time on demand, top-notch equipment and other perks that some trucking companies just can’t provide. Without new people entering the field, the industry starts to stagnate.

Reason #3: The Industry Isn’t Perfect.

We’ll be the first to say that our industry could do better. Being a truck driver, especially in reefer, involves a lot of unpaid time at receivers. On top of that, some companies are just plain dishonest with drivers, breaking promises left and right and treating them like numbers, not people.

What Dynamic Transit is Doing about the Trucking Driver Shortage

There’s no magic bullet to fix all the trucking industry problems. It will take an industry-wide change to overcome the driver shortage and create long-term stability. In the meantime, we’re taking steps every day to attract and retain the best drivers to avoid the truck driver shortage.



  • Investing in equipment. The best drivers deserve the best equipment. And with our brand-new fleet of Peterbilt 389s, we’re happy to give it to them.


  • Welcoming new types of drivers. We know that trucking can be a rewarding career for all kinds of people, from women to minorities to veterans.


  • Treating drivers like family. Ask any of our drivers and they’ll tell you: this is a family company. When you walk in, you’re greeted by name and with a smile. If you have an issue, we’ll work with you to get it fixed in no time.


Despite the national truck driver shortage, the reality is that trucking isn’t going anywhere. The world is shipping more freight than ever. Sure, the industry may look different in a few years, but Dynamic Transit will always be a home for drivers seeking the absolute best experience on the road. Apply to Dynamic Transit today and discover what we’re all about.

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