April 11, 2019
Five Tools For Cooking In The Cab
skillet with eggs cooking

While on the road, truckers all face the same dilemma. They have to decide between the conveniences of fast food or trying to eat healthily. Long runs across the country necessitate a dedicated schedule. Truckers don’t always have the luxury to sit down to a balanced and healthful meal. It’s just an unspoken fact that certain sacrifices are made in order to maintain efficiency on the road, day-in and day-out.


Luckily, progress has been made on this front in recent years. Truckers no longer have to be at the mercy of whatever is closest to the next highway exit. A slew of devices and appliances allow men and women to cook fresh meals right in their truck.


1.Mini Fridge

First, a freezer/fridge combo is ideal for storing fresh or frozen foods. It keeps cold drinks inside the truck while taking up a small amount of space. A fridge is basically the foundation of the whole system for cooking inside the truck, It’s going to allow you to keep a multitude of options open and keep perishable items like meat, fruit and vegetables fresh longer.


2.Portable Stove

Next, a portable stove is a must have for truckers trying to cook fresh meals inside the truck cabin. Also known as a lunchbox stove, it can heat up to 300 degrees. It’s perfect for heating canned foods, leftovers or bringing frozen foods back to life.



This is probably a no-brainer, but a microwave is going to be one of your more heavily relied upon appliances. You can use it for reheating food quickly or heating up frozen foods in a pinch. The microwave will always be a staple of quick food, even though it is limited in what types of food it can bring into your truck.


4.Electric Skillet

An electric skillet is exactly what it sounds like – a skillet that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter. It will let you really start diversifying what foods you can cook, and what meals you can provide yourself with. Everything from eggs and bacon in the morning, to steaks, quesadillas, or stir-fry throughout the rest of the day. The electric skillet allows you to cook truly fresh meals without having to rely upon pre-cooked foodstuffs.



A blender in the truck cabin may seem a little over the top. However, this little guy can seriously step up the healthfulness of your road diet. It provides you with nutritious smoothies or shakes, assuming you’re able to store fresh or frozen fruits or juices in your truck. The blender adds a deeper level of diversity to your diet and will offer many more healthy options to pursue while on the road.


All of these appliances are going to be a great way to keep yourself away from the drive-thru lane every day, but only if you make a point of planning for your meals ahead of time. You’ll have to make a stop at a grocery store at some point to stock up on items and ingredients. This is the trade-off, and its not a bad one – one trip to the grocery store verses countless stops to fast food restaurants. Cooking on the road will enable truck drivers to live an easier and healthier life.

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