June 27, 2018
Walking Away From Trucking The Right Way
Walking Away From Trucking

Walking Away From Trucking

Sometimes walking away from trucking is hard. Often a driver and a job are not the right fit for each other, and it’s time to call it quits. No matter what brings you to that point, there’s a right way and a wrong way to declare it the end of the road with a trucking company. Let’s look at the right way to leave a job.

Step 1: Give proper notice.

It’s important to put any negative feelings aside to keep from walking away on the spot. Instead, respect your career enough to show a final act of respect to your current employer. Standard practice is two-week notice before you vacate a job. This gives the company time to reroute you, not miss a load, and help you with your exit.

Deliver your resignation with a letter or email that includes your direct supervisor and HR. They will probably want to know why, so prepare yourself with an answer. and don’t be afraid, to be honest about why you’re leaving. An honest answer helps the company understand why you’re leaving and gives them an opportunity to improve.

Step 2: Don’t abandon the equipment.

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances may be for parting ways; there is no need to throw a tantrum at the end. See the job through by finishing your last run and working until you agreed on the final day. Return the equipment to the yard in perfect condition with all of your belongings removed. This is your opportunity to leave a good lasting impression as you leave. Hang in there and finish strong as you wrap up one job for the next.

Step 3: Take care of your reputation.

There are a lot of truck driving jobs out there, but the trucking industry is a small world. Companies talk to each other, and recruiters talk. A lot. When they’re doing their job, they call previous driver managers on everyone before recommending a hire. That means your reputation precedes you into that phone call, and they feel like they already have a good idea about who you are. The best thing you can do for your trucking career is to follow steps 1 and 2. Be the professional you are to receive the professional jobs you’ve earned. That will keep you employed better than any extra certifications or contacts you’ve made through a friend.

Parting ways with an employer can be an awkward trip to make, but making sure you do it with the most respect and courtesy you can muster leaves everybody feeling better about it. If you have decided it’s time to walk away from your trucking company, contact one of Dynamic’s recruiters today.

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