October 24, 2019
Unique Driving Laws by State – Part Two
driving laws by state

In last week’s blog, we shared with you some of the most unique driving laws for half of these United States. This week, it’s Montana through Wyoming’s turn. Happy driving!



Sure, you know to stop at railroad crossings. But did you know that in some places in Montana you can’t drive an animal onto train tracks with the purpose of hurting a train?



Ah, the scenic mountain views in Nebraska. Wait. There aren’t any. It’s surprising, then, that a law in this state requires drivers on mountains to operate their vehicle cautiously near the right edge of the highway.



No camels on the highway in Nevada, so if you’re considering taking your two-hump pet for a ride, you’re out of luck.


New Hampshire

If you’re thinking of taking up a habit of inhaling bus fumes with the intent of inducing “euphoria,” you’d better do it in another state.


New Jersey

Not honking when passing another vehicle is illegal in the Garden State.


New Mexico

OTR drivers don’t have to worry about this law, but cabbies in New Mexico aren’t allowed to reach out and pull potential customers into their taxies.


New York

It’s officially illegal in Sag Harbor to take your clothes off in your automobile.


North Carolina

Halloween is next week, but drivers in this state are prohibited by law from driving through a cemetery just for fun.


North Dakota

Even if you have a dollar’s worth of pennies, it’s illegal to put one of them in an automatic parking ticket machine in the Peace Garden State.



Are you considering visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame? In Canton, those wearing roller skates aren’t allowed by law to share the streets with cars.



Even if you just picked up your favorite comic book, it’ll illegal in this state to read one while driving. Not that we recommend perusing any reading materials while driving, anyway.



Don’t leave your car door open longer than “necessary” here if you want to avoid a ticket.



Your truck will need to be taken apart and hidden from horses if they appear frightened by it. Am I kidding? Neigh!


Rhode Island

No horse racing on the highway!


South Carolina

Does Hilton Head have a lower rat population? Maybe. It’s against the law to store trash in your vehicle, primarily because it can attract these often-unwanted rodents.


South Dakota

If you drive through the Mount Rushmore State and see what appears to be a young driver, your eyes might not be deceiving you. Adolescents at least 14 years of age can apply for their driver’s license if they possess the required documents.



It’s against the law to shoot from a moving vehicle any game except whales. You know, because there are so many whales in this state with no ocean in it.



In order to register your vehicle in this large state, you must have windshield wipers. No mention of a windshield, though.



Birds in this state have the right of way on highways. Please yield to your feathery friends!



Billboards are prohibited in this state.



It’s against the law for a woman to drive her vehicle down Main Street in Waynesboro – unless, of course, her husband is walking in front of it and waving a red flag.



Apparently being a driver with criminal intentions isn’t a big deal in Washington – as long as that motorist stops at the city limits to contact the chief of police to inform that official he or she is entering town.


West Virginia

If your route takes you through this state, and you’re not sure what’s for dinner, simply pick up some roadkill. It’s legal.



Taking a break to enjoy some cool fall weather riding a bicycle? Make sure you keep our hands on the handlebars! Otherwise, you’re in violation of the law.



Get your wallet out to pay the $750 fine if you neglect to close the gate over the road, river, stream or ditch behind you.


Though these laws are humorous and probably aren’t often enforced, it’s important to remember that each state has different driving laws. As an OTR driver, you know safety is a priority.


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