March 25, 2020
Do Truckers Wear Capes?


Do Truckers Wear Capes?


The Heroes of the Start of the Coronavirus Pandemic


As media outlets around the world race to cover vital angles of the coronavirus crisis, much attention has been paid to health care workers – and rightfully so. Truck drivers and their essential work as part of the supply chain have received fame recently across news channels and meme pages drawing truck drivers as the heroes they are.

Driver appreciation is a regular activity at Dynamic Transit. We write blogs about our drivers stories and give awards for drivers rounding a million miles. Driver appreciation is a dedicated week of the year in our industry, but rarely do we see driver appreciation reach major news outlets.

One meme said, “Police, Fire, EMS, Health Care Workers, Truck Drivers and Grocery Store Employees are now more important than Pro Athletes, Movie Stars and Musicians.”

The public is going out of their way to thank drivers while we deliver essential supplies. We hope it will last, but instead of wondering that, let’s take in the moment and continue to truck along!




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