August 31, 2020
Truck Speeds Increased, More Miles Drivers Say
Truck Speed Increases

Dynamic Transit Expands Lanes, Increases Driver Mileage and Adds Short-Haul Positions


Granite City, September 1, 2020 –

Dynamic Transit announces that it will increase the governed speed of its fleet to 75 mph effective August 1, 2020 from 70 mph.

“We listened to our people on this,” Said owner Fred Khani. “Drivers run out west and can’t pass or run the legal speed limit, and at times couldn’t keep up with the flow of traffic.”

The company has taken the past weeks to update its current drivers and get them in first. Dynamic Transit’s Safety Team reviews each driver against the requirements in order to be considered for the increase. A list of performance and safety standards decide whether drivers are eligible, which includes monthly miles, accident record, violations and on-time pickup and deliveries records.

“It’s nice that our drivers won’t feel like they don’t have the tools to do their job. It also gives an incentive to walk a straight line. Drivers know that if they don’t follow the legal speed limit and get a ticket or they have a preventable accident, their truck will get turned down,” says Recruiting Director, Samantha Khani. “It can either be a positive reward for good behavior or a consequence for mistakes.”

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The consensus around Dynamic Transit’s team is that they are hearing from everybody that they are running more miles per day. Drivers share more often that they’re able to do more 700+ miles per day.

It is nice to be able to get out in the left lane and get around people messing around, Bruce Mayfield, a driver at Dynamic said. “I dont sit in the left lane unless there’s a reason.”

“It might not reduce a whole lot of time in-transit, but it will give drivers the ability to get around a slow moving vehicle when they need to,” says Ron Burrus, Safety Director of Dynamic Transit. “Another exciting thing too is that they will be able to drive the maximum speed in every state now, legally.

If you are interested in driver positions, Dynamic Transit is hiring OTR and short-haul drivers. Fill out the form below to apply online or to have a recruiter contact you for more information.

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