April 3, 2020
Truck Drivers Face New Challenges Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic
Truck Drivers are Essential Workers

Truck Drivers Face Challenges that Make an Already Stressful Job, More Stressful

Many American companies are pushing for employees to stay at home as Coronavirus cases continue to climb. Stay-at-home orders are in place for Illinois, Florida, California, and New York. But, along with service workers, health care providers, and other folks with at-risk jobs, one of America’s most common job titles can’t work from home: truck drivers.

OTR truck driving positions require drivers to travel nationwide. At Dynamic Transit, drivers haul refrigerated and frozen food like ice cream and french fries, the work of a driver is essential to the country’s consumers.

However, the essential workers in America face new challenges amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic. Health Care Workers face a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment like masks. And truck drivers across the country face a whole new set of challenges in an already stressful job.

Testing for COVID-19

As COVID-19 becomes more widespread across several states, those states and public health officials will focus on making testing readily available with “drive-thru” testing. Somewhere along the way, truck drivers are left out of the picture, since many of these drive-thru testing sites are not meant to accommodate big rigs.

Closing of Restaurants

Restaurants locking their doors to offer drive-thru only service or curb-side pickup forgot about big riggers. An 18-wheeler with a 48-foot trailer isn’t going to make it through with a Wendy’s drive-thru. Word around town is a lot of drivers are being turned away because “walk-thru” ordering isn’t allowed.

No Basic Supplies or Basic Necessities

Walking the aisles at the local grocery stores shows empty shelves where bottled water, napkins, paper plates, and food should be. Drivers that are over the road for 2-3 weeks at a time rely on grocery stories to keep them fed during the few breaks they might get in between 11 hour driving shifts.

Truck Stop and Rest Area Closures

While some truck stops remain open, most have services reduced. Self-serve coffee and beverages are no-more for the time being. Dining room areas are closed and fitness centers are closed. Some truck stops closed because they couldn’t keep bathrooms stocked with toilet paper.
Although these situations may cause added stress to a driver’s day-to-day, there are some signs of hope and help throughout the country. Police officers from Kentucky offer truck drivers free parking and to deliver drivers food. According to FreightWaves and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), Portland, Oregon is says testing sites are getting ready for trucks. And, finally, with everyone at home there is not much car traffic on the roadways.
It seems more stressful now. There are ways to prepare and avoid getting an infection on the road. And, there are ways to manage your mindset to keep your cool on the roadways and manage the stress. But, we believe having an employer that takes care of its employees makes a difference.
Dynamic Transit continues to hire through the pandemic. Our customers are serving the general consumer and are considered essential. Although our orientation is now virtual, we are taking applications for drivers who may have been displaced in tanker, flatbed or other positions. Our hiring areas and online application are available for experienced drivers wanting to explore opportunities at Dynamic Transit.


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