November 1, 2017
Tried and True Talmages – A Trucking Family Finds Their Home
Driving for Dynamic Transit

Talmage Family’s Dynamic Transit Story

Talmage Willis IV, better known as Talmage IV, hasn’t been trucking long. Almost three years ago he decided to follow in his parents’ treads as a truck driver to accomplish a better life for himself and support his family. Talmage IV’s first two years in the industry had him hauling for a big carrier and feeling like “a throw away driver.” He was struggling with his time away from his pregnant fiancée in Albuquerque for so little pay and knew he was capable of more than what he was being offered with the big company.

Knowing Talmage IV’s strong work ethic and his willingness to run the miles, a friend driving for Dynamic Transit told Talmage IV to give them a call. From his first conversation with recruiting, Talmage IV says working for Dynamic has been “a real positive thing.”

During his interview, Talmage IV made it clear that his baby was due soon and wanted to be home for the birth. Dynamic assured him it wouldn’t be a problem to get him home in time, so Talmage IV signed his paperwork and went to work on December 6, 2016.

This past Groundhog’s Day, baby Talmage V made his way into this world, and true to their word, Dynamic made sure his daddy was there for it. It was a long and difficult birth with complications during delivery. The baby was rushed to NICU, and Talmage IV couldn’t leave his new family.

Dynamic Transit Baby

A Dynamic Impact for Father and Son

As a new employee, Talmage IV didn’t expect the treatment he received from Dynamic. He called his dispatcher Charlie to keep her updated, expecting pressure to get the wheels rolling. Instead, she told him to stay put. She pulled in team members from Driver Relations and Safety to offer Talmage IV the support he needed, all encouraging him to take the time he needed for his family. The Dynamic team was standing by their word as a family company. To Talmage IV, they demonstrated that family and loyalty matter before they demanded it of him.

Talmage IV’s dad, Talmage III, had a load that ran him through Albuquerque the week of his grandson’s birth. A truck driver with 20 years in the industry under his belt, Talmage III was blown away by his son’s employer. He watched them work around his son’s difficult personal situation and was impressed by what Talmage IV was sharing with him as his time with Dynamic went on.

Talmage III said he didn’t leave his previous company for any negative reasons. He felt compelled to join Dynamic after seeing how they treated his son. He says Dynamic gives their drivers more credit, letting drivers plan their own routes and speed. He likes that the trucks run faster for Dynamic. As for the smaller atmosphere, “When you talk to people here, you know that you are being listened to.” Both drivers have wanted to drive together at the same company since the start of the dual career three years ago. They are excited about the future and are “forever grateful to be a part of a company where integrity and your word matter. It’s nice to be a part of a team that respects that too,” says Talmadge IV.

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