November 2, 2020
Tips for Reducing Stress While OTR

Tips for Reducing Stress While on the Road

Life on the road means dealing with weather issues, road construction, traffic and sometimes long hours. Plus, it’s tough being away from family and friends. It can feel like a lot to manage, and it’s common for drivers to experience stress. When you’re feeling stressed, that can affect decision-making and attention span, and that affects safety on the road! It is so important that you do everything you can to manage stress while you’re driving. Here are a few tips: 


Get Enough Sleep

Good sleep is so important to helping you manage stress (and overall health). Check out our Tips for a Better Sleep In Your Truck to help you get better sleep out on the road. 


Clear Your Mind

If you notice you’re feeling stressed, try listening to audiobooks or podcasts to clear your mind. There are so many topics to explore — everything from true crime to comedy, history to current events. If audiobooks and podcasts aren’t working, or just aren’t your thing, try some of your favorite music. 


Take Your Time

Before you even get on the road, take time to review your destination and pick the route that will work best for you. While you’re driving, don’t hesitate to give yourself a break if you feel you need one. Sometimes just a quick stop to get out of the truck can make all the difference — you can stretch your legs, breathe deeply and move around a bit to help you refresh and release stress or tension. 


Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Truck stops offer a bunch of chips and candy, but it’s helpful to get a wide variety of nutrients to keep you feeling your best. Keep an eye out for fruits and veggies when you can find them. Lots of fast food restaurants have salads, so consider adding a salad to your order at your favorite spot or maybe pack some fruits and veggies in your fridge to bring with you on a long trip. All Dynamic Transit fleet trucks have fridges in the trucks and you can re-pack nutritious foods to make room in the fridge.


Enjoy the Little Things

Another way to let go of your stress is focusing on gratitude and appreciating the good moments in your day. Sometimes it might be something simple like great weather, or finding your favorite coffee on the road. Other days it might be a nice phone call with family or friends back home. Focusing on the positive things while you’re out on the road can help bring down your stress levels.


At Dynamic Transit, our team understands the importance of keeping yourself healthy and safe and that managing stress is part of overall health. Learn more about how we treat our team members with the respect they deserve. Or, contact us for additional information.


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