April 10, 2017
It’s Tax Time
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It’s Tax Time!

So…..when are income taxes due this year? April 15 is a date burned into our brain as the drop-dead deadline to file our taxes.

In 2017, the official tax day is actually three days later, April 18.

Here’s why:

April 15 is a Saturday. The tax deadline is always postponed when it falls on a weekend or legal holiday. April 16 is also on the weekend, so it’s clearly not taking on the mantle of Tax Day. But there’s another wrinkle: This day is usually celebrated as Emancipation Day in Washington, D.C., marking President Lincoln’s April 16, 1862, signing of a law freeing slaves there. April 17, a Monday, is when Emancipation Day in Washington is being legally celebrated in 2017. Under the tax code, legal holidays in the nation’s capital affect the tax-filing deadline across the nation.

So…April 18, a Tuesday, is the tax deadline this year. No more delays! File your return by 4/18/17 or apply for an automatic six-month filing extension by midnight.


Disclaimer: Dynamic Transit is not a tax or financial professional service and recommends consulting with a tax professional for specifics on filing income taxes. 

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