August 20, 2020
Dynamic Transit Increases Miles and Adds Short-Haul Drivers
Dynamic Transit hiring areas

Dynamic Transit Expands Lanes, Increases Driver Mileage and Adds Short-Haul Positions


Granite City, August 20, 2020 –

Dynamic Transit announces an upcoming increase in volume of its asset-based carrier services in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Ohio. Among other changes to driver pay and truck speeds, this change will affect drivers, staff and the company greatly.

“We are really excited about [all the changes]. The lanes are the really exciting thing. Drivers can hammer a consistent network. We will be in a sweet spot with our freight. This extra freight will put our drivers in a position to effectively be line-haul drivers. They will be able to drive without having a lot of downtime at shippers and receivers. Our company will see a huge increase in efficiency.”

The company plans to hire additional OTR, short-haul, and local drivers to service its biggest contract customer.

“We have ten short-haul positions in St. Louis open and five in Washington,” says Samantha Khani, Recruiting Manager. Essentially, each short-haul driver will be picking up freight in each terminal area to relay with another OTR driver. Since some of the lanes are 2,200 miles in transit, one driver cannot make the round trip of 4,400+ miles without running out of drive time. We’ve created these new positions to take on each lane in the most effective way possible. We’ve done it before, and I know a lot of Dynamic Transit drivers are eager to be back on this way of running.”

Dynamic Transit decided to offer short-haul driver positions based on an hourly rate. If pay per mile offers a better week’s settlement then pay is based on the rate per mile, and vice versa. OTR drivers will continue to be compensated by miles driven.

“Drivers are all excited about [this customer freight] coming to us.” Ron Burrus, Safety Director at Dynamic Transit added, “It’s none of the short stuff. It’s all drop and hook. The majority of it is to Denver, SLC and Northwestern states where it’s 900-2,100 transit miles. We already have drivers running 3,000+ miles a week on those lanes and now the company is offering the opportunity to new incoming drivers.”

If you are interested in driver positions, you can apply online or fill out the form below and a recruiter will contact you.

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