April 13, 2017
Thirty Years in Business

To celebrate Dynamic Transit’s thirty years in business, a few Dynamic Dudes wrote a poem about “hauling freight the old-school way…”

Thirty Years in Business

By: Andrew D., Brandon A. and Gary J.

Thirty years in business

Trucking every day

Hauling the freight

The old-school way

Going coast to coast

North, South, East or West

The Dynamic Drivers

Always do their best

Shippers and receivers

They come and go

But they know Dynamic Drivers

Do it in rain, sleet or snow

Commitment and integrity

Has always been our goal

Load up the wagon

Our trucks are gonna roll

With a handful of trucks

And freight in excess

Into the future

Dynamic will progress

Then on the industry

Straight ahead with no fears

We’ve been cooling hot boxes

Now for thirty years

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