September 20, 2017
Fall Loads and Happy Roads
autumn road

Fall Loads and Happy Roads

It’s time for another changing of the seasons, and there are few jobs better for observing it than truck driving in the fall. Unless you’re on I-40 across New Mexico, the scenery changes with every mile, and if you drive a regular route, the changing leaves paint a new picture every time you pass. Autumn offers a sigh of relief for drivers (and their equipment) after the heat of summer and despite the busyness of harvest time, there’s a sense of rest that comes with it too. For fall season advice for truckers, we talked to Glenn Oerding, one of Dynamic Transit’s load managers.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor

While apples and pears stay in swing year round in the Pacific Northwest, the rest of the country develops a strong taste for warm apple cider and fresh baked tarts this time of year. Potatoes and lentils are now coming in from the fields in Washington and Idaho. A little further south, central California’s stone fruit season is drawing to a close, and the loads migrate south and east toward Arizona to bring in fresh foods through spring. One of the best ways to enjoy these fall harvests is to find a local restaurant that cooks them fresh before you bring them east for everyone else to enjoy.

Oh, deer

Glenn’s most passionate advice is to “watch out for the deer the hunters are chasing out of the woods!!” He used two exclamation points with good reason. Motor vehicle/deer collisions have been increasing over the last 5 years, costing an average of around $3300 for each accident. Ouch. It’s important to be the most aware of deer at dawn and dusk when they are feeding. Also, deer are rarely alone, so if you see one, slow down and be on the lookout for more.

Be winter ready

The first snow has already fallen in Montana’s mountains and seasonal state highways have begun to close through the region. If you’re moving from west to east, chances are that you’re going to pass through Colorado. Colorado’s chain laws for I-70 went into effect on September 1st and will remain so through May 31st. You are not likely to be caught off guard this early in the season, but there is no harm in being ready with an extra blanket and warm change of clothes, bottled water, and a few Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s).

According to Glenn, fall is one of the better times to be on the road. And he’s absolutely right. The weather is perfect for enjoying 2-55 air conditioning and taking in the views while enjoying one of the best jobs out there. Take a deep breath of that earthy air and enjoy the ride.

With harvest season here, reefer is consistent freight. If you’re looking to move into a job with repetitive lucrative lanes, check out our driving jobs!

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