July 11, 2019
Dynamic Transit is Heading to Hazelwood

Small businesses make up an essential part of the United States economy. There are 30.2 million such businesses in this country, and they comprise almost half of the U.S.’ total employee workforce. Perhaps a bit surprising, these small businesses make up 99.9 percent of all the nation’s businesses.

Establishing a small business is apparently easier than sustaining one, though. Look at recent these statistics from Fundera:

    Twenty percent of small businesses fail in their first year.
    Thirty percent of small business fail in their second year.
    Fifty percent of small businesses fail after five years in business.
    Seventy percent of small business owners fail in their 10th year in business.


The Dynamic Difference


Dynamic Transit has beat these odds by not only building a successful business but also growing it. We’ve gone from a few trucks and drivers and a handful of trailers in 1987 to more than 250 drivers, 300 trucks and 600 trailers approximately 30 years later. How have we achieved this? By treating drivers better than any other trucking company in the industry and providing expectational service to our clients.

We’re continuing our growth by expanding our operations with a new office in Hazelwood, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. This new location will house our expanding truck sales division along with our marketing and recruitment departments. It’ll also be the site for our orientation classes and custom truck builds.

As co-owner Michele Khani explains, “This expansion is truly a milestone for us and is a result of all the hard work we’ve put into making sure we offer the highest possible level of service to our customers while treating our employees like family. We’re proud of the business we’ve built and plan to continue our strategic growth for years to come. This new location allows us to do just that.”


Talking Trucks


Because we strive to keep our drivers in updated and well-maintained trucks, we cycle our equipment every five to six years. Therefore, we’re able to sell company-owned trucks that have received regular maintenance (every 10,000 miles).

Our new truck sales division ensures each rig is reviewed for safety and dependability before even reaching the lot. They also meticulously examine each truck to find and address any necessary repairs and/or updates.

We’ve owned these trucks since they were manufactured and have the maintenance and repair record(s) to show for it. You can check out our current inventory or submit a request for the model and type of truck you prefer.


Down to the Details


Our new location in Hazelwood is at 9050 Pershall Road and is situated on 17 ¾ acres. At almost 20,000 square feet, it will be able to fit several hundred trucks and trailers.

The facility includes a newly-remodeled office building and a fourteen-door garage, six of which have double-bay doors. A unique feature is our new state-of-the-art portable paint booth equipped with a 20-horsepower electric air compressor and double dyer system. This enables us to achieve moisture-free painting.

Another element at the new location is our dustless sandblaster. With this, we can remove years of corrosion from salt and chemicals that eat away at the painted frames and rear gear housing in our trucks. Because of this, we’re able to enhance our older trucks without the need for hours of sanding by our talented professionals.

Assisting in the operations at our Hazelwood location will be our skilled and energetic mechanics, maintenance and body technicians and painters. These team members keep our fleet of 389 Peterbilts not only running well but also looking their best for our drivers.

Learn more about the services we offer, and find out more about our quality fleet.


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