January 26, 2018
Dynamic Transit Announces Plan to Increase Driver Pay
Dynamic Transit pay increase

Dynamic Transit Company Announces its Plan to Increase Pay by March 2018

Dynamic Transit Company decides to increase pay

Granite City, January 29, 2018— Dynamic Transit Company announces its plan to increase pay for company drivers effective March 1, 2018. Dynamic Transit Company has acquired new customers that have a diverse pool of freight and back-haul that will increase drivers freight availability. With new opportunities opening up, Dynamic Transit Company has informed its drivers that if they choose to get their Hazmat and Tanker endorsement, they will receive a $.05 per mile increase for all miles driven*. Any driver with the endorsements will start at $0.45 cents per mile (CPM). In addition to this increase, drivers will receive a bonus $.05 for each mile driven under a placard hazmat load.

Many drivers are hesitant to get hazmat and tanker endorsements because they are concerned with hauling hazardous materials. Rest assured, driver safety is one of Dynamic Transit Company’s highest priorities. Dynamic Transit Company’s core freight mix is dominated by consumer and food products so the goal of the company will be to only solicit and secure safe, low hazard cargo compatible with the company’s current mix of freight. In addition, the company’s office staff is working hard to create study material to help drivers prepare for getting their endorsements. Dynamic Transit Company will provide additional help for drivers new to having a Hazmat and Tanker endorsement.

“Dynamic Transit Company has taken yet another significant step forward this year with our new 2018 Peterbilt 389 trucks and now our pay increase. As Dynamic Transit continues to grow, we feel it is only necessary that we help our drivers become more specialized and that they are compensated for their hard work,” said Michele Khani, Owner of Dynamic Transit Company.

Fred Khani, Owner of Dynamic Transit Company, “Our vision has always been to continuously improve the work environment at Dynamic Transit. I want to make this a better place for everyone.”

About Dynamic Transit Company:

Headquartered in the heartland of America, Dynamic Transit Company is a truckload carrier with over 30 years of experience providing transportation solutions. Dynamic Transit Company has a combination of first class equipment, top shelf customers and a supportive office staff that keeps its drivers running consistently.

*per diem pay included


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If you would like to learn more about driving opportunities, please contact:

Alaina Yobby
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or visit our driver application page.

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