February 27, 2018
Driving For Dynamic – Driver Interview Video with Catherine Clark
Driving for Dynamic - Driver Interview

Driving for Dynamic

We caught up with Driver Catherine Clark to talk about her experience at Dynamic Transit. With past careers as an owner/operator and a company driver, she immediately saw the difference at Dynamic. Catherine says it’s our customer base and our top-class equipment that puts Dynamic Transit way above the rest. Watch the video below and see how driving for Dynamic is all it’s cracked up to be.

Melinda: Hi, I’m Melinda here at Dynamic Transit. I’m a recruiter, and I am here today with Catherine. And we are going to talk a little bit about what we do here at Dynamic Transit. So, Catherine tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got to Dynamic.

Catherine: My name is Catherine Clark, and I’ve been with Dynamic off and on for about 10 years. I was a company driver then I left to be an owner operator. Then I came back to be a company driver.

Melinda: What triggered you to come back?

Catherine: The ease of three things. One, he takes care of all the responsibilities. Two, the customers that we haul for. Three, I guess what a lot of drivers are here for – the pride of the Ride. Nice Equipment.

Melinda: No kidding. So, have you discussed about when you’re getting your new truck yet?

Catherine: I’ve already gotten my new truck.

Melinda: That’s right. It is green, isn’t it?

Catherine: Yes, it’s green. Elsie May is her name.

Melinda: Okay, cool. And, can you tell me something you find challenging about your job?

Catherine: I have to be real honest. I don’t consider this a job. I tell everybody it’s my hobby because I love trucking and this company makes it that much better. So, I really… It’s not a job.

Melinda: Yeah, it’s like a “Jobby”.

Catherine: Right. Well, we have such good customers, and we have such good equipment that in the ease of everything, just makes it… To me… feel like a hobby. I know it is a job.

Melinda: You get paid to do what you love. So, that’s always good. So, what about somebody new that’s apply to Dynamic. What kind of stuff would you tell them to maybe do with their application and the interview process?

Catherine: Well, as far as being new here, we all know that there’s a lot of trucking companies, but what makes Dynamic Transit above a lot of them, obviously, is our customers and again I said the pride of the ride and all that. But the ease of getting on here at Dynamic… you guys make it very simple just for the fact of orientation steps alone are just simple and non-pressure. Around here, it’s not a huge trucking company, it’s just right. And, for the people, the newcomers, to come… everybody goes through a process with the new hires such as you guys going through all the rules and regulations. And the shop, they go through the shop and we have the guys at the shop go through everything. They detailed the trucks and how to use the reefers if the new hires are not familiar with the reefers they go through all of that. They’re really explanatory when you set sail to come here to Dynamic.

Melinda: Okay, cool. And, can you tell me, besides the equipment, and doing what you love, what is it that made you realize that you wanted to come back to Dynamic and not go anywhere else when you decided to come back over-the-road?

Catherine: Well, again, it’s the ease the customers we have such a great customer base here and you don’t have a lot of LTL here at all. You know? Less than a truckload. We have just primarily one pick one drop. Right there made me know I want to come back.

Melinda: And, can you tell me maybe from when you worked here before, what was your favorite memory and when you left?

Catherine: My favorite memory when I left… I can’t… I can’t answer that.

Melinda: Too many good memories.

Catherine: Yeah.

Melinda: Okay, good.

Catherine: Because I should have never left.

Melinda: The grass isn’t always greener, is it?

Catherine: Well, I thought I wanted to be an owner operator, and I did fine. It is just a heck of a struggle being an owner operator versus a company driver. All the weight is lifted off of me here. Being an owner operator, I thought was just going to be fantastic. I was going to do my own.

Melinda: You were going to be rolling in the dough.

Catherine: And, I only babysitted that truck. I was with the truck 24/7. I knew that. It is just a breath of fresh air coming back.

Melinda: Good, and let’s see… As far as… Well, let me ask… Do you have anything else that you would recommend for new people coming in or anything that you would just like to tell the folks out there about Dynamic that you haven’t already said? We will kind of wrap it up with that I guess.

Catherine: Okay, well, for any new hires coming on, make sure they’ve got all their endorsements before they come on. It’s going to make it a lot easier to get on and get out on the road and start making money. As far a Dynamic Transit, like I said, what sets them far apart from all the others is just we’ve got a good customer base and we have great equipment. Dynamic Transit sets us up well.

Melinda: Yeah.

Catherine: Sets us up well.

Melinda: All right, well, Catherine thank you so much for talking with me today about your experience here at Dynamic Transit.

Catherine: Thanks.


Want to join Catherine and drive for Dynamic Transit? Apply today and experience the Dynamic Difference.

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