January 3, 2018
Driver Shares Dynamic Pride
Mark Brown - Driver for Dynamic Transit

Driver Shares Dynamic Pride

Mark Brown is a veteran driver with thirty-one years of pacing pavement under his belt. He came to Dynamic around two years ago, and while he runs the lower 48, he is primarily based in the Northwest near his home in Wilsonville, OR. We caught up with Mark while he was in the yard recently.


What is it about trucking that you love so much?

Mark is a third generation truck driver following in the family’s footsteps. When teased if there really is diesel in his blood, he chuckled. For Mark, driving a truck isn’t a job, it’s a way of life. “It completely changes everything about you – eating, sleeping, everything. It’s a good life.” As a self-described avid fan of audio books and a solitude person, Mark sees his life as a paid tourist. But he also finds purpose in his work. The best feeling of accomplishment he finds in trucking is walking into a grocery store and seeing how what he does benefits others and contributes to society.


Why drive for Dynamic?

In his 31 years on the road, Mark has spent half of his career as a driver trainer teaching others how to live the life behind the wheel. Another trainer at a previous employer went to work for Dynamic and wanted to let Mark in on the good find. Mark immediately felt at home with Dynamic. Here’s what keeps Mark around:

Dynamic’s Family Atmosphere

Mark says Dynamic doesn’t lie about having a family atmosphere. It’s a company where the everyone knows the drivers by name. Mark also loves that Dynamic keeps an open door policy of complete honesty. He appreciates that he can talk with Presidents Fred and Michelle any time. “Dynamic cares about their drivers, how they’re feeling–everything from emotional to financial well-being. Talking to them is like being at home. I was impressed by how comfortable I felt with that.”

Dynamic’s Excellent Equipment

Mark has been in the same truck since his first day on the road for Dynamic. It’s a newer truck that is kept well-maintained. As soon as any issue arises, he knows the shop team will have it ready to hit the road in no time.

However, owing to Fred and Michelle’s years as drivers, they understand the value of keeping a fresh fleet. Mark will be moving into a 2018 Peterbilt 389 in the next couple of weeks as soon as the APU, ELD, and other equipment are added.

As far as the ELD, Mark commends Dynamic for their smooth transition and ELD training process. He says they’re always on top of the updates.

Dynamic’s Solid Reputation

“I don’t need motivation to recommend this company,” Mark says. He points to the company’s reputation of keeping their promises and looking after their drivers. “They treat a driver like a driver – with respect.” He also points to running consistent miles and credits Fred and Michelle’s tenacity for keeping their drivers moving continually.
“They’re the best I’ve ever worked for.”

If you want to learn more about experiencing Dynamic Transit’s environment for yourself, contact one of our recruiters for more information.

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