February 24, 2017
5 Reasons Why Veterans Make Great Truck Drivers
The Dynamic Transit fleet

Finding a job or acclimating back into everyday life can be difficult for returning veterans. Many veterans have found a career in CDL Truck Driving. The truck driver shortage represents one of the greatest threats to the shipping and logistics industry in today’s economy. With the need of new drivers, veterans are among some of the best candidates for truck driving jobs. Veteran’s military experience and skills create an ideal match for fleets seeking drivers. The five skills veterans possess are qualities carriers are looking for in truck drivers. These five skills:


1. Situational Awareness: Driving a truck can be dangerous. Being aware of one’s environment is crucial in this industry to ensure the safety of oneself and everyone around you.


2. Dependability: Truckers need to be dependable. Drivers are required to stay on top of their runs, mileage, and ensure on time deliveries.


3. Leadership: Taking initiative when things don’t go as planned is a skill all drivers should have


4. Teamwork: Even though most drivers are solo drivers, truckers must work alongside with dispatchers, cargo haulers, warehouse workers, operation managers, etc. Being able to work well with others makes for a better driver.


5. Mental Stamina: Driving a truck all day can cause fatigue. Having mental stamina to avoid Highway Hypnosis, is an attribute someone should have when driving those long hours.


Being an over-the-road truck driver means being away from home for days and sometimes weeks at a time. Veterans are used to being away from home for long periods of time.

The training that the Veterans receive from the military along with the innate self-discipline, which is so characteristic of our military personnel, are just a few traits that make a very strong foundation for Veterans to become some of the best drivers in the industry.

If you’re a returning veteran and looking for a job, consider truck driving because that might just be the perfect place for you!


Source: Roadmaster

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