October 22, 2021
5 questions to ask yourself before becoming a team driver

Team driving popularity is at an all time high with companies offering more miles and better pay. The incentives may be obvious, but there are several important considerations for any Solo driver to think about. Have you thought it all through?



Team trucks never stop. When it comes to getting good sleep are you comfortable getting quality shut eye in a moving vehicle? Construction zones, rough roads, emergency vehicles, or even your teammate could potentially interrupt some of your best sleep. This should be especially concerning for those who are much lighter sleepers and require the maximum amount of sleep possible.


Who do you trust?

OTR Truck drivers are responsible for operating heavy equipment at high speeds, if handled incorrectly they are capable of extreme damage, serious injury, and death. The question here is simple: are you comfortable with your teammate and their experience behind the wheel? Whether you are on break or in the sleeper berth you won’t have the opportunity to give your teammate a second pair of eyes and must ultimately be confident with their skill level as a driver. 


Home Time?

Getting home is the number one concern for most drivers. Team driving has plenty of advantages but home time can be set up a few different ways depending on you and your partner’s situation. For teams that are married to each other it is fairly simple, but not all teams are part of the same household. Discussing these matters beforehand are paramount to ensure both parties’ needs are met.


Daily Routines? 

Driving long haul miles requires plenty of work. It might seem great to have an extra pair of hands and eyes for backing, pre trips, etc, but what about fueling? Determining how responsibilities are shared before getting in the truck together will save headaches later. Some teams say it happened on your shift, you take care of it, and for others the responsibilities are divided. Addressing these types of things at the beginning will help ensure the truck operates smoothly and each driving can focus on being a safe professional driver


Are you both a good fit?

If you haven’t realized it yet here it is, team drivers are essentially roommates in a small room. You must trust each other, share responsibilities, and most importantly get along. It is highly recommended you really understand your Co-Driver, their values, interests, and hobbies. Finding a Co-Driver that lives on the same lane as you makes home time easier and you are much more likely to find things in common.


The bottom line 

At the end of the day the concept is simple. Two people living in and sharing a 7’x 9’ box, moving across the country at 70 miles per hour. Can you get along, feel safe, and make a good living together? Until you can answer those questions with a resounding yes, you might want to stick to solo driving.  


After all if you find the right co-driver / teammate the possibilities are truly endless. You could even end up with a successful, well respected company of your own.


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